The Need to Show Off

There is so much pressure to live in this day where social media abounds.  I feel like there is a need for everyone to let everyone know of their activities, how fabulous and luxurious their lives are and how “blessed” they are compared to others. I must admit that I, too, was guilty of this lifestyle before. For many months now, I lost the urge to post on social media about my travels, material stuff and how #blessed I am.  I have come to realize that others don’t really need to know and I don’t need their approval to feel good about myself.  Maybe because I’m getting older but then there are other important things to do than burn my hours on social media, trying to figure out which photo will impress my audience. I’d rather spend my time on more important things like talking to my family and friends, reading, and learning important skills in life like cooking.

One thing about social media that I don’t really like is that it is deceiving.  We tend to be impressed with our friends on their photos eating the most delectable dishes, travelling the world and wearing the coolest and latest fashion, but more often than not, most of it are fake. I say fake because they had to borrow money to able to experience them and post them on social media.  Again, I was guilty of the same crimes before but at least everything was paid for already.  The most important lesson here is that we should live within our means.  Travel only when you can pay for it.



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