I didn’t grow up with books, I mean reading books as a hobby.  Growing up in the province, madali lang kasi i-solve ang boredom just by going out and playing with your friends.  I think children should be introduced to reading early on because they will carry this trait when they grow up.  On my part, nagbabasa lang kasi ako kapag kailangan sa school. Patayan talaga sa basa mataas lang ang makuhang grades.  Haha! Aside from school books and encyclopedia na 5 years binayaran ng parents ko (wala pang Google noon!), all I can remember reading are world atlases.  Ewan ko ba pero sobrang fascinated ako sa iba’t-ibang bansa sa mga mapa.  Pati mga capital kinakabisa ko.  Feeling Promil kid. Hehe! Sa tingin ko, ito ang reason bakit mahilig din akong mag-travel at kahit paano ay nagawa ko naman na.

Reading books is important because they are the gateway to knowledge and learning does not stop when you graduate from school.  Learning is a life-long journey.  Now that I am an adult, I really find it difficult to read books and  I have to force myself to read.  I commute about 30 mins to work and it’s better to readinstead of dozing off.  I have to admit that fighting off sleep is very difficult for me.  Since high school days, I am already used to sleeping on the way to school and work.  Masandal lang, tulog na agad. Haha!

Last Sunday I bought 2 books from Amazon UK.  I’ve been thinking whether to just buy books via Kindle but traditional books are still way better for me.  Medyo maarte rin ako, I prefer them hardcover dahil mas maganda kasing i-display.  If you would buy books in the Netherlands, the cost of the paperback version is almost the hardcover price in the UK.  You just need to add about 5 euros for the shipping. One book is self-help genre and the other is about baking bread. Yes, I’m quite into baking these days because of pandesal. I cannot buy them here so I make my own. I am positive that this book will make me a better baker. Naks!

If you think I am not a good writer, yun ay sa dahil hindi nga ako mapagbasa.  Mababaw, if you may call it, pero kaya ito na nga…magbabasa na. Cheers!


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