Happy Birthday Brandon!

Admit it or not, many of us are guilty of googling ourselves at one point of our lives. I did and I am guilty of this “crime”. 🙂 This blog will remain in the servers of WordPress for quite a long time and I am pretty sure that my nephew, Brandon, will see this blog post in the future. So just in case you, my dear nephew, google Brandon Luke Danan, Brandon Luke Alonzo Danan or Brandon Danan, I hope you read this greeting…

Happy 10th (11th?) birthday Brandon!

Not sure if it’s your 10th or 11th, but rest assured, I have copies of your birth certificate. I’ll be sure to get you age right next time.

Brandon, you are the only living memory of your dear Daddy Jan to us.  We did not see you grow up but know that you are always in our hearts and minds. Lola Euly, Tito Erick, Kuya Pum and myself loves you very much and you always have a family to come home to anytime with us.

Always be good and respectful to your Mommy.  Be humble no matter where life takes you. Always choose to do what is right and truthful, no matter how difficult it is.  Study hard but you do not need to be the best in class. Life, I mean the real life is not all about school. We are only taught the basics within those four walls. It is only a bonus if you get high grades and honors.  Real life starts when you leave school. You need to be street smart and “madiskarte”.

In this day and age of the internet and social media , I am 1000% sure we will cross paths soon. Nandito lang si Tito Omar mo to love and care for you like Daddy Jan should have given you if he is still around. My promise to your Dad still stands.  Email me at opldanan@upalumni.net or message me on Facebook for anything, ok?

Happy birthday again Brandon! 🙂

Trivias about you:

  • Your Daddy Jan fondly calls you Chumchum and Budong
  • You call McDonalds as Jajog (Hehe!)

Here’s my gift for you…some of our photos with you from the past. I’ll show you more in the near future. 🙂

Last time I saw you during your Lolo Rick’s wake (August 2012)
3-year old Brandon visiting Daddy Jan at Himlayang Pilipino
You with your Dad on your 2nd birthday
Fun times with your Dad, Lolo Rick and Kuya Pum
With Lolo Rick, Lola Euly and Kuya Pum
Playtime with your Dad, Tito Erick, and Kuya Pum
SM San Lazaro lunch with Lolo Rick, Lola Euly and your Mom


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