Dad’s 67th

Today would have been your 67th birthday.  All of your memories are still fresh and new. I miss taking care of you but I am happy that you are now free.  I am glad that I have shared with you the gift of travel and seeing the world beyond our home.  We were not ashamed that we were pushing you in a wheelchair for 12 long years but instead, all of us were proud that we took care of you.  I remember myself giving people that deadly stare whenever I see them give you that lowly look.  Your condition taught us to be strong, independent and to take on life’s challenges with grit and passion.  On a lighter note, I thank you because we always get it easy when parking in the malls even on the busiest days. 🙂

Annyeong haseyo with Daddy in Seoul, South Korea (Sunae Station) last December 2011

I want you to know that I will achieve all my promises I whispered to you 5 years ago. I love you and I wish you the best birthday in heaven.

Happy 67th birthday! 🙂



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