Despite the high blood pressure na inabot ko sa work kanina, I am very happy today because my orders from Amazon UK arrived.  Amazon is my go-to store for stuff which you can buy cheaper than in the brick-and-mortar stores.  They also have a variety of brands to choose from although be careful because some products sold online, including Amazon, are fake. Take a look at the product reviews.  The more reviews, the more sure you are that you are getting the real deal.

If you have an espresso machine, it is a must to descale your equipment to prolong its life and ensure that heat transfer is optimum. I went to the local Media Markt here in Rotterdam and the descalers I saw are 5 euros good for 2 uses.  Sobrang mahal! Not for the kuripot like me.  I always go for the price per usage ratio whenever I buy.   The descaler from Amazon was about 9.5 euros for 10 uses.  Spell sulit!


If you have a phone or tablet, one of the accessories that has a high turnover rate is the charging cable.  Buying the original cables is usually expensive so I always buy the non-OEM products but are very good in quality.  A week ago, my iPad lightning cable died.  Naglaslas.  I headed to the Media Markt store again but the price of the original cable (na madaling masira rin) is 20 euros.  But then again, the one I am replacing was an Amazon Basics cable which served his master for more than 2 years.  I said no to the OEM cable at the store and once again, I practiced “delayed gratification”.   For 14.50 euros, I got not one but two cables which I am 100% sure will last for at least 4 years. Spell sulit again! So if you are looking for charging cables, get the Amazon Basics brand.  Aprub ko na yan.  My Android phones are also using the same brand.  Mura na, matibay pa.


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