Before I went out for a scheduled long run, I prepared myself dinner one of my favorite combis: liempo and okra. My pork liempo is oven-roasted since I can’t grill in my flat. Partner them with a spicy mix of bagoong isda and vinegar and the result is da bomb! I only have to content myself with a cup of rice since it’s part of my so called self-discipline on food intake. Struggle is real talaga. Haha!

After doing all the dishes and laundry, it was time for the long evening run. I already knew it will difficult to do the 4.8K run since I just had the legs set the day before. And I was right, my right leg was already giving up by 2K. Kung makapagsasalita lang siya, alam ko minumura na niya ako. But I promised to finish the whole stretch no matter how slow or injured I will be. It was the longest “almost 5K” I ran. I normally finish 5K in 30 minutes but last night, I managed to complete it in 46 minutes with my right leg feeling numb and heavy.  I had a hard time pushing myself forward.

The bike lanes can also be used as running lanes

I just miss home or ang Pilipinas in cases like this. It’s so easy and affordable to get a massage. Buti na lang nandito ang BFF ko sa ganitong muscle pains. The only downside is that I have to apply it and massage my legs myself. Well, ganyan talaga. Sariling sikap all the time. 😉

Very effective. My leg pain is almost gone now.

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