Back to Normal


I was on sick leave for three days last week because of a cold.  Kasagsagan ng init sa bansang ito pero nadali ng ubo at sipon.  It must be my laziness to change shirts after my runs and workouts that led me to this.  When our clothes are wet, the sweat tends to evaporate and that causes the cooling effect on our bodies which makes us more susceptible to a cold.  The worst part I guess in getting sick is stopping the momentum I already have in my fitness and exercise regimen that I have built for the last three month. But the important thing to remember is when you are sick, you have to give your body the rest and recovery it needs.

It’s Sunday and tomorrow is the start of a new week. I am more than glad to be feeling fine now and back to the normal OFW routine, that is working and doing all the chores to survive being alone in a foreign land.  Yes, after 5 years of being here in the Netherlands, I still don’t call this home for the simple reason of hindi naman talaga ako magtatagal dito.  (Tinagalog ko na baka mabasa pa ito ng mga kinauukulan. Asa pa! Hehe!)

I did all the grocery and market chores yesterday and today was pretty much being on chef mode.  To be honest, it is tiring to cook but if you are missing food from home, counting calorie intake and just being kuripot like me, cooking your own is much better than eating out.  There are only a few Filipino restaurants in the Netherlands and they are all far from me. I have tried them before and they are not practical budget-wise.  Eating out will cost you around 20 euros per meal.  With my 60 euro budget per week on food, dining out does not make the cut. I am also counting my food calorie intake these days and cooking my own food allows me to fully account the macros and caloric content of everything I put in my mouth.

Here are my obras today which are enough to keep my stomach happy in the next three days.  Nakakapagod pero fulfilling (sa tiyan! Hehe.).


Moist choco cupcake
Ginisang munggo
Salmon in Thai green curry 


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